Edinburgh you beauty – night photography

Night photos session:

Went out for the 1st test night photo session. Some good results, learnt a lot and can’t wait for the next session.

You need:
– Sturdy tripod
– If you can bring a beanbag that would be helpful
– A remote trigger
– If you can get hold of a torch that you can change the light strength on and that doesn’t have a central light spot take it with to paint things with light on long exposures

Good bits:
– Fresh air
– Nice moody photos can be achieved
– You will be surprised by the results of a long exposure

Bad bits:
– If you don’t do some reading up about night/long exposure methods it’s trial and error till you start getting results
– A fish eye lens would have been helpful
– Any movement will make stars become a line, use a remote trigger on a sturdy tripod

Very rewarding experience when you start getting results but very frustrating as well. Use ISO 400-800 with exposure times from 5-30 seconds for night shots.
Photographs by Jacques …

Camera: Canon 7D
Lens: Canon 17-85mm F4-5.6


Night session - test 1 #02 Night session - test 1 #04 Night session - test 1 #03 Night session - test 1 #06 Night session - test 1 #07Night session - test 1 #01

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