Misty sunrise over the Forth

As the sunrise is getting later as we get closer to winter I decided to take my new Hoya ND400 filter to do some long exposure photos at sunrise. I didn’t really work out that way in the end but I’m happy with results. As this trip was used more for a recce next time I’ll be sure better prepared. I didn’t use the filter till after I finished the sunrise photos due to the one issue I didn’t take into consideration. As I was standing on a road bridge the areas between the legs were moving up and down as trucks were driving passed, this affected the 1st place I stood, I moved to stand above the one pillar and that sorted it out.

I used my Canon 1D MkIII as I feel it gives me better low light results than my 7D. Personal choice more than anything else. I used my Canon 24-105mm L IS USM lens for all the photos. With speed ranging from 1/5th of a second to 20 second. I hope you like the results.

Learnt a few things yesterday. You can see through the filter to set the photo but you can use autofocus very well. I think I might be looking into drop-in filters as the Hoya ND400 doesn’t allow me the exposure over 20second in daylight. As Scotland is cloudy a lot of the time I will still have use for this filter. Remote trigger and tripod is a must or using a 2 second delay before the photo gets taken.

I started out standing on the Forth road bridge at the Northern side.


The mist rolled in while the sunrise was starting. The mist totally covered the train bridge within 30min. You can see the 1st of the three and the tops of the other two sections are already covered in mist.IMG_0535- IMG_0471-

Love the way this photo came out.IMG_0634-

The road bridge totally covered in mist as well as the majority of the upright section closest to me.IMG_0676-

I moved to the yacht/boat club at South Queensferry next.IMG_0774-

You can see the south side of the road bridge on the right in the mist.I use the Hoya ND400 filter for this photo.IMG_0759-I just liked the look of these photo photos, don’t know if I got what I had in mind with the second photo.   IMG_0804- IMG_0798-

I moved to my last location and that was under the south side of train bridge.IMG_0858- IMG_0867- IMG_0827- IMG_0865-

Photographs by Jacques …

PS: I found out that if you leave you car at the wrong place you might be visited by a concerned police officer. As I left my car parked out of the way but at a unusual parking place they thought I might be a jumper (I was standing on the Forth road bridge taking the photos). Lesson learnt, he let me know where to park in the future.





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