Leuchers airshow 2013 Part 4

Next instalment and probably the best ones I think.

The Red Arrows were at Leuchers minus 1 member. He was away as he was about to become a father and that’s why you’ll see the formations are one aircraft short.

IMG_9126 IMG_9152 IMG_9166 IMG_9241 IMG_9249 IMG_9259 IMG_9273 IMG_9314IMG_9413 IMG_9439 IMG_9455 IMG_9493 IMG_9518 IMG_9534 IMG_9608 IMG_9619 IMG_9661 IMG_9680 IMG_9695 IMG_9718 IMG_9224 IMG_9287 IMG_9302 IMG_9352 IMG_9384 IMG_9427

One more instalment and it’s all done.

Photographs by Jacques …