The beauty of nature

While visiting South Africa I spent a little time taking photo of flowers in the gardens on top of Paarl mountain.

IMG_0779 IMG_0071 IMG_0108 IMG_0202 IMG_0234 IMG_0236 IMG_0790 IMG_0801 IMG_0120 IMG_0815 IMG_0802 IMG_0804 IMG_2511 IMG_2507 IMG_2523 IMG_2527 IMG_2560 IMG_2573 IMG_2567

Photographs by Jacques …

A walk in Edinburgh

A visit to Edinburgh always has interesting possibilities for photos. Love this city and taking photos there.

Taking a walk from Edinburgh Waverley station up the royal mile and onto the Scottish museum.

IMG_3708 IMG_3552 IMG_3563 IMG_3594 IMG_3592 IMG_3595 IMG_3598 IMG_3611 IMG_3615 IMG_3618 IMG_3642 IMG_3702I used the plaque to try and capture a photo of the piper in the reflection. Work out better than I thought it would.
IMG_3625 IMG_3633 IMG_3718 IMG_3723 IMG_3729 IMG_3730And onto the Scottish museum.
IMG_3649 IMG_3653 IMG_3664 IMG_3672 IMG_3680Ever heard of Dolly the sheep? Well here she is.
IMG_3660 IMG_3686

Photographs by Jacques…