Blair Castle

While visiting Loch Tay we went on a road trip to the surrounding area. We visited Blair Castle as one of the local tourist attractions.

I took some photos inside and the surround of Blair castle and only found out afterwards they don’t photography in the foyer (the photos of the guns). I do like the voyeur photos.

IMG_8004 IMG_8014 IMG_8022 IMG_8027 IMG_8031 IMG_8037 IMG_8039 IMG_8040 IMG_8049 IMG_8055 IMG_8045 IMG_8072 IMG_8073 IMG_8087 IMG_8089 IMG_8091 IMG_8102 IMG_8132 IMG_8144Photographs by Jacques …

Loch Tay I

I spent a long weekend at Loch Tay. Very scenic area and great if you packed the camera (just don’t forget the tripod). I spent a few early mornings at the Loch while all the folks were asleep. Best time for photos for best light and having no extras in your photos, I had a few spoilt as more folks arrived.

Normally I would select one or two photos of a area. I struggled to narrow the photos down so selected these as the ones I like most.
IMG_8203 IMG_8209 IMG_8342 IMG_8367 IMG_8391 IMG_8412 IMG_8443
Photographs by Jacques …

Aberdour pier at sunrise

Right after finishing off at Grangemouth I crossed the Forth looking for one of two piers I found using Google maps.

Arrived at Aberdour with 30min to go before sunrise. I was very lucky to have low tide as well which allowed extra potential photos.

Lots of long exposures photos followed using my tripod, remote trigger, ND filter, 24-105mm L F4 and Canon 7D. I thought I will give the 7D a try and if it goes well get rid of the 1D mark III (get another 7D as a backup camera). Finally left after midday feeling like I had some good fun and might have some great shots.

Here’s the 1st bunch taken around sunrise.

IMG_0120 IMG_0110

IMG_0115 IMG_0166 IMG_0163  IMG_0136 IMG_0141Photographs by Jacques …