Taking a walk under the blue moon

Beginning of August there was a blue moon and I thought I might as well try and capture it. I planned a walk down the Forth to take a few photos at sunset of the Forth bridges.

I walked a good distance and came to a point I could see Crammond island and it’s WW2 submarine defenses in the near distance. While I was taking the photos of the ship moored I looked around to see a huge moon rising. Almost totally missed as I expected it to rise 2 hours later. The size of the moon as it rises is by far the best due to the atmosphere and the way light plays tricks on our eyes.

To be honest the moon photos are nothing to write home about but it did give me a glimpse into the possibility of better photos in the future. As long as I plan it better of course.

I found 2 indispensable website for sunrise/moonrise photos.
http://suncalc.net = sunrises and sunsets
http://www.timeanddate.com = moon rise and moon phases

Here’s some of the photos I took as I was walking up and down the Forth.

IMG_9002 IMG_9005 IMG_9013 IMG_9024 IMG_9033 IMG_9038I visited North Queensferry for a last attempt to get a nice moon lit photo. I think this one made it worth while.IMG_9072-c1

Photographs by Jacques …

Light trail recce

When the club I joined had a sit down meeting I decided to get out and try my hand at doing some light trails photography. I used Google satellite to find a location where there is a pedestrian bridge over the motorway and the motorways has a curve. Found a great location and off I went.

Found the bridge after a bit of treasure hunting and trudging through the undergrowth. Didn’t realise it was a old abandoned foot bridge but the location was great. I’m happy with the recce but I do need to revisit and get it in better focus.

IMG_6522- IMG_6524- IMG_6525- IMG_6541- IMG_6545-

Photography by Jacques …