Light trail recce

When the club I joined had a sit down meeting I decided to get out and try my hand at doing some light trails photography. I used Google satellite to find a location where there is a pedestrian bridge over the motorway and the motorways has a curve. Found a great location and off I went.

Found the bridge after a bit of treasure hunting and trudging through the undergrowth. Didn’t realise it was a old abandoned foot bridge but the location was great. I’m happy with the recce but I do need to revisit and get it in better focus.

IMG_6522- IMG_6524- IMG_6525- IMG_6541- IMG_6545-

Photography by Jacques …

7 thoughts on “Light trail recce

  1. I’m a bit of an amateur so I am not seeing what you are as far as blur. I think your photos look great. Great idea on using Google Earth.

    1. Thank you for the kind words. The areas closer to me isn’t as sharp as it can be. I think if I try and use hyperfocal rather than infinity it might be sharper closer to me. The more I go out to take photos the more I learn and experience I get for the next time.

      1. You have a good outlook on experience. I’m learning a lot as well and feel the same way. I look forward to seeing more of your work.

      2. Great to hear. The more photos you take the more experience you will get. I make mistakes but I am always willing to put my hands up and learn from it.

        Hope I don’t disappoint and thank you for keeping a eye on my work.

    1. Thank you Sir. I have a special one planned. I saw a similar one a few years ago where a photographer started to his/her photo at the back of a tram and it pulled away leaving a ghost effect and light trails. I really want to try that with either a train or a tram.

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