The beaches of Berwick-upon-tweed & Bamburgh.

I have had this trip planned and in my calendar for months. Every aspect was planned ahead of time. Time of sunrise, location of the sun on the horison, where to stand on the beach, tide level, etc. Every thing was planned BUT you cvan’t plan for the weather. You get what you get.

Part 1

Part 2

Thanks for watching.

9 thoughts on “The beaches of Berwick-upon-tweed & Bamburgh.

  1. Jacques, thank you for doing these. I had to move even more quickly through driving sequence as I was getting a bit of motion sickness. The long exposures images a very nice. This is especially true of the image from part 2.

    1. Pleasure Sir. Ah yes, I have stopped doing them in the later videos. Thought people would get bored of seeing them to much.
      Also these were the days when I had to walk with mini tripod. Not great at all and I tried to cut around it. I have a gymbal now so it’ll be better as I do more. Live, learn and improve. I just need to get into editing more as that’s what is holding me back.

      Thanks for watching them, I appreciate it and the feedback.

      1. Jacques, you’re welcome. It’s fun watching. I used to do video when it was real to real. That dates me a bit.
        I can’t say I’ll be able to watch them all but it’s enjoyable to see the results you get.

      2. That’s awesome. Digital makes life easier but with that comes the editing process and the more footage the worse it gets. I am struggling with the editing a bit but like all things the more I practice the better I’ll get.

      3. The editing is a major challenge. I occasionally shoot and then edit in Apple’s Movie but not often enough to keep me familiar with the technical process. It’s relearning function.

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