Visiting Carlingnose point pier, Forth estuary.

After years of looking at this pier online it was time to visit it. Was a great morning at North Queensferry.

This pier was used during the wars and is slowly dissapearing, more info can be found below.

Thank you for the support and watching

4 thoughts on “Visiting Carlingnose point pier, Forth estuary.

  1. Nice shooting. It sure proves that the light you want is not always available and when you get close it only lasts a short time.
    Have you got your video camera on your head or chest? There were times when it was bouncing a lot. Those must have been during the time when you had the camera attached to your head. It’s a challenge to do this by yourself. It’s especially true when you have so little time.
    Thanks for the shorter drive time. It’s also nice to see the drone footage especially for the historical references.
    I’m looking forward to the next video.

    1. Indeed, Scotland’s weather changes very quickly. We can have anything from snow, rain and brilliant sunshine in 2-3 hours ina cycle. Like we say, if you don’t like the weather just wait 5 min.

      I have a small tripod and a chest gymbal. I had a 2 axis but now have a 3 axis gymbal. I hope that will smooth out things.

      I’m noticing that my photos are suffering in later videos as I’m juggling the filming and photos. I am going to need to get a structure in place to get better and balancing it but I think the more I do the better I’ll get at it.

      Thanks for the feedback, I appreciate it. You gave me some ideas for the next ones.

      1. You’re welcome.
        We used to use a planning board. We would think about each step and draw each scene onto a 3 x 5 card. It worked well.
        You may want to look into the software app Photopills. It includes planning tools for photographing. I’ve used it for a couple years.
        Keep up the good work.

      2. I did a whole story board one day while sitting and waiting around. I’ll be doing a shoot come next year, maybe more a commercial type of thing. I’ll share it when done.

        Ah yes I know PhotoPills, I haven’t used it in depth. I’ll have a decent look at it again.

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