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Halloween light trail special

As Halloween will be here shortly we went hunting for the elusive ghost train.

A bit of long exposure light play at the trains station at South Queensferry. It’s a learning curve and we went out experimenting on Friday night.

So we stood at the end of platform 2 facing the Forth rail bridge and as trains went past tried to get the light trails working. After a struggle we eventually got some good shots.

Then it was onto trying to shoot the end of the train as it’s stationary and moving away. The only problem with this is the delay between trains arriving at the platforms. 15-20min wait and then a single photo. I have eventually decided to get my 2nd (my back up camera, I replaced the Canon 1D MKIII with another 7D) Canon 7D involved to increase the possibilities of some good shots. I had to use a camera backpack as a make shift tripod but will invest in another tripod for the future, I might even need another lens as the wide angle is a bit to short at times.

Here’s the results of us facing the Forth railway bridge:

IMG_7262-fb IMG_7263-fb IMG_7272-fb IMG_7274-fb IMG_7278-fbAnd then moving to the back of each train working out how long to start the exposure before the train moves away to get
the illusion of transparency while having enough detail to see that it is a train.

 7901-fb 7902-fb 7903-fb 7904---fb vs3

Thanks you for having a look
Jacques le Roux

Taking a walk under the blue moon

Beginning of August there was a blue moon and I thought I might as well try and capture it. I planned a walk down the Forth to take a few photos at sunset of the Forth bridges.

I walked a good distance and came to a point I could see Crammond island and it’s WW2 submarine defenses in the near distance. While I was taking the photos of the ship moored I looked around to see a huge moon rising. Almost totally missed as I expected it to rise 2 hours later. The size of the moon as it rises is by far the best due to the atmosphere and the way light plays tricks on our eyes.

To be honest the moon photos are nothing to write home about but it did give me a glimpse into the possibility of better photos in the future. As long as I plan it better of course.

I found 2 indispensable website for sunrise/moonrise photos. = sunrises and sunsets = moon rise and moon phases

Here’s some of the photos I took as I was walking up and down the Forth.

IMG_9002 IMG_9005 IMG_9013 IMG_9024 IMG_9033 IMG_9038I visited North Queensferry for a last attempt to get a nice moon lit photo. I think this one made it worth while.IMG_9072-c1

Photographs by Jacques …

Light trail recce

When the club I joined had a sit down meeting I decided to get out and try my hand at doing some light trails photography. I used Google satellite to find a location where there is a pedestrian bridge over the motorway and the motorways has a curve. Found a great location and off I went.

Found the bridge after a bit of treasure hunting and trudging through the undergrowth. Didn’t realise it was a old abandoned foot bridge but the location was great. I’m happy with the recce but I do need to revisit and get it in better focus.

IMG_6522- IMG_6524- IMG_6525- IMG_6541- IMG_6545-

Photography by Jacques …

Forth bridges at sundown

Another visit to the remarkable Forth and the bridges crossing it.

Joined the photography club in the outing and as usual found it to be a fun and rewarding experience. Found a area I’m lacking experience and will have to work on.

I prefer the black&white image over the colour one
IMG_5069-bw-500px1 IMG_5069-500px1 IMG_5097-500px

One of the club members played as a model for this shot.IMG_5226-500px IMG_5662-500px IMG_5668-500px IMG_5673-500px

A bit of steel wool play at the end to top the night off.IMG_5708-500px IMG_5709-500px

Photographs by Jacques …

Playing with fire

I have joined a photography club after meeting a member by chance while taking photos of the eclipse earlier this year. It’s been a very interesting experience so far and I would recommend it.

The club I have joined does 1 meeting a month as a sit down and the rest you are out taking photos and learning in the process. Best way to do it in my opinion and it’s so nice to be able to talk about photography with people that share the same interest.

So go out there and see what’s available in your area. Here’s one thing we tried at our 2nd meet up. Playing with Fire at the ForthIMG_8191wpIMG_8187wp

Photographs by Jacques …

Kincardine bridge

Photos of Kincardine bridge. Not the easiest thing taken photos on a bridge with the movement as vehicles move along it. A bit of a damp and dreary day so decided to use some of the photos in black & white format.

The lights in the distants were the rotating strobe light of a tractor, came out well.

IMG_0746 IMG_0774 IMG_0938 IMG_0943 IMG_0928 
Stalactites form under the bridge, they can grow up to 1cm a year. Some were 30cm long.

Photographs by Jacques …