On top of the Forth rail bridge!

Thanks to Barnado’s children charity we were able to buy tickets to go up the Forth rail bridge and see the world from 110meter up. It was a quick 30min experience but so worth it, I hope they will be doing this again.  I know there is talks about making a tourist attraction on top of the Forth rail bridge, I hope this goes ahead.


Scottish highlands day 3, Falls of Foyre

As we left the 3rd day we were already 15min down the road before we realsied we missed out n the biggest waterfall that was just minutes away form the camp site. We turned around and drove back to see Falls of Foyre, a walk down the hill to two viewing places made it all worth it.

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Scottish highlands day 2, Invermoriston & Whitebridge

We left Plodda falls and drove back towards Loch Ness. We stopped at Invermoriston to visit the old bridge and see the river flowing between the bridges. Very dangerous location with moss making the rocks very slippery.

A worthy visit on any photography trip into the highlands.

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Scottish highlands day 2, Plodda falls

After we left Fort Augustus we travelled to Plodda falls. A waterfall that is absoltely stunning. It has 2 tiers and a old rusty walkway lost in time. I would love to return to this location in the futre and spend more time there and this time take some filters to help with the blown out skies.

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Loch ness visit

We stayed at the Wigwams next to Loch Ness for the 2 night in the highlands, wasn’t the cheapest tbh but it was a nice site.

Had a early breakfast and a quick photo before we set out for the day.



Spending the weekend in Scottish highlands, driving up.

Late last year I started the whole YouTube malarkey. My 1st attempt capturing images while filming was in the Scottish highlands.

1st stop was at the Loch Earn and the mirror man, unfortunately it’s now been removed. You can see that in the last post.

Further up the road we stopped off at the wreck in Fort William. I’ve been wanting to visit the wreck for years and was glad to finally get to see it. I have been back since a few weeks back.


YouTube channel started, Queensferry crossing video.

Finally gave in and started a YouTube channel, still work in progress and I guess like my photograph with time and experience it will get better. I’m not a person that likes to be recorded so I will have to think of a way I will do this without getting myself caught or heard on camera. I have a few good ideas already and I have a friend who is very good with project planning and storyboards, so we’ll see what happens.

Anyway here’s a short video of images captured while walking over the new Forth Queensferry crossing which opens today for traffic.

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Devil’s pulpit

If you don’t get out then you won’t get any images. Sounds logic right? NO excuses, challenge yourself to at least once a month get out and take photos.

Known about this place for a while, seen images of this location numerous times but didn’t know where it was till by chance I came across a proper guide to find it.

So got up yesterday at 0420 and straight to the spot, had to bring out the mountain goat in myself to go down the stairs. I did buy a 30meter rope and some proper waist height waders. Didn’t need the rope as there were some already in place but waders came in handy. Water was only thigh high but a great investment for the future.

So here’s a few examples of the morning.

The Devil’s pulpit.
Front viewUntitled_HDR6-both2-fbSide viewUntitled_HDR6-Devil's pulpit-top-fbSteps:

Jacques le Roux ….

Have a play with online photo competitions

I have joined Gurushots a while back to gauge where I’m at with my photos. I do like the overall game and how it works, I don’t like the new Boost function and feel it’s unfair and once again pay to play will beat nonpaying folks. Pay to play has a unfair advantage but hen they do pay for it and keep the doors open BUT Gurushots does let you earn free Boosts as well so you do have the opportunity to compete at times. I buckled and bought 10 boost in the end but doubt I would like to do this very often, at least I have a the chance to be on level playing field.

You can find me at: https://gurushots.com/JacquesleRoux/photos

Do try it, it’s a bit of fun and give you a good idea which of your photos people like.

6 days to go and I hit 10th place in the single photos over 6000 people’s entries (up to 4 photos per entrance). Fingers crossed I can stay in top 20.

Bridge comp 2017 1

Old competitions I did alright in.

Out of 14 000 photos entered I was 4th in the end and of the 3500 photographer I was 36th.
The Blue hour

Jacques le Roux ….