Bangour village – Take 1

Bangour village, Scotland:

Every now and then we get surprised by what is on our doorstep. Bangour village was one of the biggest surprised so far for me as I have been living 5 minutes away for the past 7 years. At almost a 1000 acres it’s a very big site of derelict buildings all boarded up and spooky enough to give anyone the willies.

When I was told of Bangour village I immediately researched it. Here’s a few website to look at if you are interested to know abit more about Bangour village:   Wikipedia,  undiscovered Scotland, and The site is over 100 years old and was used for the movie ‘The Jacket’ in 2005.

The photos below were taken a few days (May 2012) after I was informed of the village, I dug them out today to go through as we are planning to revisit Bangour village this week and we popped in today for a walk.

These photos are my 1st attempt at black & white, I will be doing some research before we go back this week for tips and tricks to get the best out of a black & white photo. I think black & white does the site more judges than colour photos. As I was going through my coloured photos to decide which once I was to convert I found that photos you expect to be brilliant in black & white looks dull. There is a trick to it and I intend to work on getting it right.

IMG_3262-IMG_3263- IMG_3266-IMG_3257- IMG_3283- IMG_3297-IMG_3310- IMG_3322- IMG_3248- IMG_3329-

After our next visit I’ll do a ‘Take 2’ post to show how I got on concentrating on getting the best out of black & white.

Photographs by Jacques…