Get out of your comfort zone, the making of an advert

 Making a advert with basic kit

I got away from doing some photography or vlogging and got the bike out for it’s last ride before it gets replaced.

This video has been in the works for 6 months. I sat down one morning and did the story boards and potentials shoots I wanted to do.
I worked out the exact type of shot I wanted and as I know the roads pretty well I was even was able
to work out which road and part of the road I would use.

I started to get the kit together over a few months.
I already had two GoPros, a two axis gimbal, a three axis gimbal and a small tripod I use for the YouTube videos.
First big purchase was a drone, I got that a few months back and
tried to get out flying as often as possible to learn the skills needed.

Night before I made everything is fully charged, cleared all cards, emptied my camera back and added all the film equipment into it.
Next day I rode out to the edge of town and strapped a GoPro to my chest with the 2 axis gimbal
and a GoPro to my knee with the three axis gimbal.
I then filmed the ride into the Scottish borders, I stopped at the locations as planned and
captured a few extra small clips before finally putting the drone up in the sky to capture footage from a higher angle.

Next was the editing process. I really struggle with editing but will get better at it.
There was just one song I thought appropriate as the soundtrack and I knew it might be copyrighted.
I took a roll of the dice and even thought I was hit with a copyright infringement the owners of the
song allowed it to be used and they will make the money off any adverts.
So win-win.

So enough blabbing. I hope you guys like my 1st attempt at a advert video, I hope to do some more in the future.

Thanks for watching