One day road trip, South African style

Continuing the South African theme.

I borrowed a car one day and went for a ride from Paarl over the mountain range using “Du Toits kloof” pass.

I stopped as often as possible and even went trekking through dense vegetation a few times for some photos.

Like this photo of the national flower, the Protea.IMG_1802I stopped at the “Du Toits kloof” tunnel and tried to get a few photos while staying out the traffic’s way.
IMG_1920I was lucky to be using a little Mini Cooper and I thought this looks like a nice advert for the car, one you could see in a car magazine.
IMG_1975Stopped at the “Du Toits kloof” resort. I attended a wedding there a while back.
IMG_2009 IMG_2049 IMG_2050 IMG_2057Then continued onto Worcester. I heard a train and stopped where I found a safe spot. I ran back in time get a few photos of it.
I was a little surprised as this wasn’t just any train it was the Blue train, the most luxuries train in South Africa (don’t let the outside fool you).

IMG_2094I saw some horses in the distance and tried to get a nice photo with them and the mountains in the back drop.
Not the greatest results, I need more work on landscape photos.

IMG_2062 IMG_2071Then leaving Worcester behind and onto “Bains Kloof” pass, the next 4 photos are on-route to Bains kloof”.
To my surprise I was back on this same roads a few days later for a 4×4 event but that’s for another day/post.

IMG_2105IMG_2162 IMG_2194 IMG_2205Stopped in “Bains kloof” and took a walk down to the river. I remember encountering a troop of bubboons 25 years ago in this valley.
Very dangerous animals and not to be taken lightly.

IMG_2223 IMG_2232
Apologies for the delay in these photos, life sometimes takes priority over art. I will endeavour to get my posts back on track.

 Photographs by Jacques …