Edinburgh Zoo 2014 Part3

Last part of Edinburgh zoo visit.

I tried to think about these photos as I only had a few left worth posting.

Normally photos are posting showing the whole animal and then maybe cropping it in. I did the reverse so people can maybe guess what it is a little before scrolling down to next photo.

IMG_2672 IMG_2680 IMG_2675 IMG_2668 IMG_2912 IMG_2870 IMG_2873 IMG_2979 IMG_2932 IMG_2886 IMG_2952 IMG_3003 IMG_3037 IMG_3042


Photographs by Jacques …

Edinburgh Zoo 2014 Part1

Took my trusty Canon 7D and used the Canon 70-200 IS L II to Edinburgh zoo. Used the Canon x1.4 and x2 extender to give me a bit more reach at times.

I wanted to do something different from the normal animal photos, get a but closer to things rather than show the whole animal. Hope you like it and it makes up for me not posting up photos for a while.

The light wasn’t the best plus the reflection on the glass windows caused problems at times. A few things I learnt was I need to increase the shutter speed, 200ms was to low for moving animals and at times people wearing white reflected on windows and best to wait till they move on before continuing.

A few samples of the primates photos taken.
IMG_2304This photo is probably the one I like the most of all the photos taken. The shadows and the look in the eyes.
It’s all in the eyes as they say.
IMG_2306 IMG_2313 IMG_2316 IMG_2341 IMG_2418 IMG_2405 IMG_2382 IMG_2378 IMG_2792 IMG_2775 IMG_2824

Photographs by Jacques…