Live and learn – fireworks

I went to take photos at the Forth train bridge of fireworks going off next to the bridge while the passenger on a steam train look on. Here’s a post with things I learnt from this night.

DO NOT stand down wind from the fireworks
DO NOT shoot camera in hand
DO NOT stand behind a structure if the fireworks are being shot in front of it (it doesn’t always get the height to get over the structure)
DO NOT come late and unprepared
DO NOT stand with other photographers if you can help it, find a unique position (unless they know the place and know what results they will get)

DO talk to other photographers and gather as much info as possible
DO a recce before the fireworks starts
DO find out where the fireworks are being shot from
DO check the wind direction if possible
DO use a tripod for long exposure
DO bring multiple cameras if possible
DO remember your remote trigger
DO always have a thick coat and beanie available

Photos were taken with my Canon 1D MK III and Canon 7D MK I with wide angle lens. As you can see at the end of each series the smoke has effected the results and are very much in the way. If I stood on the other side I would have had better photos and no smoke in the way.

LIVE and LEARN I say. So here’s the results.
While waiting a train went through the centre of the bridges.

IMG_4994_1 IMG_4995_1
Puff of smoke from the steam train. It parked in the middle of the right hand side structure.IMG_5012_1 IMG_5013_1 IMG_5014_1 IMG_5015_1 IMG_5016_1 IMG_5017_1 IMG_5018_1 IMG_5020_1 IMG_5028_1 IMG_5029_1 IMG_5037_1These are from the Canon 1D MK IIIIMG_0614_1 IMG_0615_1 IMG_0616_1 IMG_0617_1 IMG_0618_1 IMG_0631_1After it was all done we went to the other side to see what shots we could have had. Live and learn.IMG_5046_1 IMG_5055_1

Thank you for the visit
Jacques le Roux