Leith walk

We visited Edinburgh Leith walk in February (sorry about the absence, been a tad busy with life things).

Initial idea was to get some nice photos and this changed as we went further into the night into a Steelwool spinning session. I learnt to always have a bottle of water on hand as I nearly set the old rotten wood on fire on the bridge. A large ember got into a crack and I couldn’t get to it, a bottle of water saved the day or should I say the old bridge.

IMG_7902-fb- IMG_7650-fb IMG_7646-fb IMG_7635-fb IMG_7621-1-fb

Thanks for the visit
Photographs by Jacques le Roux

Aberdour harbour

Last one in the series of photos taken around the Aberdour area.
I was lucky to have a low tide at my disposal when I went looking for the old pier. The harbour was a great experience and I learnt from it, which is more important than the results below.
IMG_0146 IMG_0161 IMG_0275 IMG_0283 IMG_0295 IMG_0291 IMG_0292 IMG_0299 IMG_0300
Photographs by Jacques …

Glasgow transport museum Part 3

Glasgow transport museum Part 3

Third and last instalment as promised.

The Glenlee which is docked behind the Glasgow Transport museum. She was built in 1896 in Glasgow and returned home 1993.

Here’s a few websites to get more info on the ship.
The Tall Ship
The Glenlee

IMG_1182 IMG_1205 IMG_1209 IMG_1213 IMG_1251 IMG_1227 IMG_1270 IMG_1285 IMG_1282 IMG_1265 IMG_1273
Photographs by Jacques …

Glasgow transport museum Part 2

Second part of the Glasgow transport museum tour.

Slowly it has dawned on me I might have found the part of photography I like the most. People say look at the bigger picture, I think I prefer to show the smaller part of the bigger picture. Everyone’s seen the bigger picture but the small things in life pass us by!

Camera: Canon 1D Mark III
Lens: Canon EF 24-105 L IS USM
All indoors photos:
Aperture: F4
ISO: 3200
All outdoors photos:
Aperture: F4 or F8
ISO: 200

Description are below the photo to first give you chance to decide for yourself what it might be.

IMG_1109Easy one, a train lantern.IMG_1119Front of the train with the lantern. IMG_1128The side of a tram.IMG_1141A classic truck radiator and radiator cap.IMG_1149Norton motorcycle.
IMG_1126Fire engine’s pumps.

Now the outside of the Glasgow Transport museum.
Small conclave on the right hand side of the building.
IMG_1301Love the way the angle of the connecting plates draw your eyes to the roof and onwards to the sky.
IMG_1320Just had to take this photo. IMG_1293Another excellent example of the brilliant art around the building. This is the bicycle racks.IMG_1319This is a curved window, see if you can make out the landscape reflected.IMG_1307
If you are ever in Glasgow made a point to visit the museum. In part 3 I will show you the Glenlee which is moored behind the museum.

Photographs by Jacques…