Leuchers airshow 2013 Part 4

Next instalment and probably the best ones I think.

The Red Arrows were at Leuchers minus 1 member. He was away as he was about to become a father and that’s why you’ll see the formations are one aircraft short.

IMG_9126 IMG_9152 IMG_9166 IMG_9241 IMG_9249 IMG_9259 IMG_9273 IMG_9314IMG_9413 IMG_9439 IMG_9455 IMG_9493 IMG_9518 IMG_9534 IMG_9608 IMG_9619 IMG_9661 IMG_9680 IMG_9695 IMG_9718 IMG_9224 IMG_9287 IMG_9302 IMG_9352 IMG_9384 IMG_9427

One more instalment and it’s all done.

Photographs by Jacques …

Leuchers airshow 2013 Part 2

Some more photos of the Leuchers airshow. As the day progressed the clouds rolled in and the smoke from the displays started to make the sky a bit cloudy and dirty as can be seen on some photos as the clarity drops of the display photos.

de Havilland Vampire

IMG_6704 IMG_6756 IMG_6758 IMG_6909 IMG_7189 IMG_7168 IMG_7261 IMG_7099 IMG_7055 IMG_7336 IMG_7576 IMG_7565 IMG_7467
Spitfire PRXIX – Recon version
IMG_7632 IMG_7704 IMG_7670 IMG_7732 IMG_7572
Pit special
IMG_8028 IMG_8016
RV8tors display team
IMG_7857 IMG_7844 IMG_7766

More to follow.

Photographs by Jacques …

Leuchers airshow 2013 Part 1

I miss going to airshows, this year I was able to visit Leuchers in Scotland. Here some tasters of what’s to come. I have a lot of photos to work through and will be sharing a few posts of airshow photos.

As I intend to go again in the future this day was a recce for hopefully next year. I won’t be standing with the crowd again as you can see the sun is on the other side of the aircrafts. Not great for photos, next time I’ll stand on the other side of the airfield. I found that if you stand away from spectator area you can get closer to the aircrafts as they turn to do another manuever. I was with my family and this is part of the reason the photos were taken from this location. Have a look on Google maps of the site you will be visiting and where possible locations you can stand. You don’t have to be right next to the airfield. A mile or two away will still give you good photos with bigger lenses.

I was using my Canon 7D with my Canon 70-200mm L F2.8 IS II and Canon 300mm L F2.8 and at time added my Canon extenders x1.4 or x2. Shutter speed was 400ms and set to AI Servo to help with the speed.

Red arrows with 4 Typhoons:
Red Arrows with a missing member due to a becoming a father.
IMG_6255 IMG_6320
Four Typhoons
Royal Navy Sea King HU5
IMG_6150 IMG_6395
Jet Provost Mk5
IMG_6605 IMG_6515 IMG_6463Royal Airforce Tuscano TI
This photo was taken at 1/2500sec, look at the effect the tip of the prop spinning causes.
IMG_6675 IMG_6645 IMG_6635

There will be more to follow of my day out at Leuchers.

Photographs by Jacques…