Faces forgotten in a art classroom.


The next selection of photos are from a art project that is sitting in a art classroom gathering dust. I stare at it every time I go there as I find it absolutely amazing and almost life like.To be continued below the photos, I hope you enjoy these images.

Canon 1D MK III
Canon 100mm F2.8 L Macro lens
2 seconds (all natural light bounced of 4 reflection boards)

Please Click On The Photos To See It At It’s Better Quality.

01 IMG_448907 IMG_449103 IMG_4506 11 IMG_4334 12 IMG_4355 13 IMG_4325 14 IMG_4333 15 IMG_4344 16 IMG_4350 17 IMG_4364 18 IMG_4391 19 IMG_4381 20 IMG_4383 21 IMG_4404 22 IMG_4406 23 IMG_4416 24 IMG_4422 25 IMG_4428 26 IMG_4437 27 IMG_4440 28 IMG_4450 29 IMG_4456 30 IMG_4465 31 IMG_4474 32 IMG_447835 IMG_4510I left the notes till last so you can enjoy the images. I used F22, I guess it wasn’t really needed to use such a low aperture but I didn’t want to lose any details of the faces. This is my second attempt at capturing these faces. I shot them the first time at F8 but lost to much of the detail. I hope you thought these faces as amazing as I did. Pure work of art!

I find the art department to have so many possibilities for photos. I might sneak in one day and spend some time taking as many photos as possible. I’ll have to leave that for another post in the future.

Photographs by Jacques …

Glasgow transport museum Part 2

Second part of the Glasgow transport museum tour.

Slowly it has dawned on me I might have found the part of photography I like the most. People say look at the bigger picture, I think I prefer to show the smaller part of the bigger picture. Everyone’s seen the bigger picture but the small things in life pass us by!

Camera: Canon 1D Mark III
Lens: Canon EF 24-105 L IS USM
All indoors photos:
Aperture: F4
ISO: 3200
All outdoors photos:
Aperture: F4 or F8
ISO: 200

Description are below the photo to first give you chance to decide for yourself what it might be.

IMG_1109Easy one, a train lantern.IMG_1119Front of the train with the lantern. IMG_1128The side of a tram.IMG_1141A classic truck radiator and radiator cap.IMG_1149Norton motorcycle.
IMG_1126Fire engine’s pumps.

Now the outside of the Glasgow Transport museum.
Small conclave on the right hand side of the building.
IMG_1301Love the way the angle of the connecting plates draw your eyes to the roof and onwards to the sky.
IMG_1320Just had to take this photo. IMG_1293Another excellent example of the brilliant art around the building. This is the bicycle racks.IMG_1319This is a curved window, see if you can make out the landscape reflected.IMG_1307
If you are ever in Glasgow made a point to visit the museum. In part 3 I will show you the Glenlee which is moored behind the museum.

Photographs by Jacques…



Glasgow transport museum Part 1

I have visited the museum a few times and always find new things. The more I visit the less I look at the bigger picture and get pulled into small details of the huge machines and building. As I look at each photo I feel my eyes being ‘forced’ into certain direction depending on the shapes in the photo.

This is Part 1 of a possible 3 part post.

Canon 7D was used. ISO was mostly 800, Aperture of F4 or F5.6 were used.

IMG_7799 IMG_7790 IMG_7738 IMG_7767 IMG_7772 IMG_7778 IMG_7785

The last 3 photos were taken with my Canon 1D Mark III with the ISO pushed to 3200 and aperture of F5.6.
IMG_1153 IMG_1106 IMG_1102
Photographs by Jacques …

Life in miniature format = Macro play

In the beginning of Spring in 2011 I was bored one afternoon and was looking for something to do. I ended up on the round-about close to my house in the flower bed. I cut open a flower’s one side and found a miniature world rich with life inside.

Photos were taken with a Canon 450D and stock 18-55mm lens.
F13, ISO1600
IMG_3086 IMG_3092F8, ISO1600IMG_3071 IMG_3126F5.6, ISO800IMG_3042 IMG_3036F13, ISO1600IMG_3085You can see the size of the flower here as I held it in hand and before cutting the side open to get closer to the little creatures. There is a world out there and we miss so much of it, I really need to do more things like this.
IMG_3027As I was walking to the round-about I took these few photos.
IMG_3008 IMG_3010 IMG_3017 IMG_3140 IMG_3146 IMG_3152 IMG_3159

Photographs by Jacques …

Take your camera shopping.

We have many a shop around our homes that has some interesting options for photos.

I enjoy popping into my local garden centre and seeing what I can find to photograph. Below are photos taken 2 years ago at one of these garden centres.

Next time you are going to your local garden centre pack your camera in and see what photos you take home.

IMG_0377 IMG_0383IMG_0370 IMG_0387 IMG_0346 IMG_0388 Of course you need to take photos of flowers.
IMG_0404 IMG_0400 IMG_0393 IMG_0399 IMG_0396

Photographs by Jacques…

What am I?

What am I?

I’m oval but also round. IMG_0183I am part of most people’s childhood memories.
IMG_0166Adults and children love me.
IMG_0167I might be yellow this time next time I might red or blue or brown or maybe even pink.
IMG_0169I melt in you hands on a hot summers day.
IMG_0170Or I could melt in your mouth if you can keep the temptation to bite me at bay.
IMG_0168Are you getting any closer to the answer?
IMG_0172I’m a Smartie of course!
IMG_0165Hope you had fun looking and reading this entry about shooting macro photos of Smarties.

Photographs by Jacques…

Out with the old in with the new.

Out with the old in with the new.

These photos were taken 2 years ago at our local river at the end of winter and beginning of spring. It was so nice to see life starting to come back to the grey and brown surrounding.

IMG_9276 IMG_9420 IMG_9439 IMG_9488I love the effect that your eyes get drawn up to the top of the photo and then starts running down the middle to the bottom.IMG_9500 I like this photo even though it’sa bit busy in the background, I’ll have to revisit this site.

Photographs by Jacques…

Blast from the Past Part III

Blast from the Past – Part 3, Feb-March 2011

A few more photos from 2 years ago. The photos were taken in the areas surrounding Bathgate and West Calder in Scotland. It’s nice to look back over these photos as they bring good memory back of struggling with learning the basics of photography. The camera did 90% of the work as I didn’t know enough yet to get the best out of it.

Bathgate Korean War memorial

IMG_9119 IMG_9116 IMG_9106 IMG_9099 IMG_9135


The Knock, Bathgate:

West Calder Park:
IMG_8753 IMG_8777

Photographs by Jacques…

Just because it’s miserable outside doesn’t mean creativity has to be paused.

Just because it’s miserable outside doesn’t mean creativity has to be paused.

It’s winter in Scotland and it’s miserable outside. If it’s not raining and windy then it’s snowing  (it finally arrive 2 days late for Xmas).

As I couldn’t go outside with the camera I scouted the bookshelf for some interesting nick-nacks. I found some toys, some figures, a candle coaster and a Xmas decoration on the Xmas tree.

You see if you’re in a pinch for some props you can find something interesting without going very far or looking very hard. I will be visiting my local pound store soon for some more props. I have already got some coloured match sticks to try next time.

I really need to invest in more lighting. The current set-up is leaving shadows and not working very well. It’s on my to do list.

Camera: Canon 7D
Lens: Canon 100mm Macro L F2.8

Child’s wooden train:
Aperture of F2.8 is keeping the background nicely out of focus while still giving shape and colour to the objects.
Train I
Train II
Train III
Small toy cars:

Cars I
Cars II
Cars III
Cars IV
A beetle or maybe a ladybird made out of beads and wire:
A candle’s coaster made from broken glass:
I like the colours in the coaster, I think I will go back to this prop again in the future for more detailed photos.
Glass I
Glass II
The Xmas decoration photo wasn’t going to be added but once I saw it on screen I changed my mind. It looks like the cat is reaching for the light.
Cats I
Cats II
Cats III
Cats IV
Cats V

I hope you like this week’s addition. You see just because it’s raining, windy or snowing doesn’t mean we can’t have fun as photographers.

Photographs by Jacques …