Don’t you just love a beautiful statue!

I can’t help but love statues and the more abnormal in nature the statue the better.

Kenny Hunter’s Monument to a mouse, 2010. Across from the Robert Burns birthplace museum.

IMG_7883 IMG_7880 IMG_7877 IMG_7874

Tim Chalk’s From Furrow to Firmament in Four Loups (loup 4), 2010. Behind the Robert Burns birthplace museum.

IMG_7914 IMG_7911 IMG_7909 IMG_7915

In Edinburgh on the royal mile is a statue of David Hume by Alexander Stoddart. The right foot big toe sticks out and was rubbed by philosophy students to absorb some knowledge. This became a superstition and you can see the big toe is bright in colour compared to the rest of the statue.


Old water fountain on the Royal mile in Edinburgh. Sadly not in use any more.

IMG_3572 IMG_3578

Back at the Robert Burns birthplace museum area. No statues, I just like these two photos. Around the corner from the museum in the Brig O’Doon and this is view looking north west of the Doon river and bridges.

IMG_7889 IMG_7890

Photographs by Jacques …

Princess street gardens, Edinburgh

Taking a walk down the garden paths leads to some interesting photo opportunies. It’s not to easy to change the way a monument and places are preceived other than the normal tourist photos but it’s worth a try.

Hope you like the results. I will be revisiting the gardens at some point in the future to try some different angles and also to try using HDR in a minimalist format to get a better skyline.

Scott monument

IMG_5943Bank of Scotland though the garden wall. IMG_5975St.John’s Episcopal churchIMG_5978Monument to the Royal Scots Greys, erected in 1906 to commemorate the fallen of the Regiment during the Boer War. Never knew about the reason behind the monument till I read the Wikipedia page today. Seeing that I’m South African (a boer) it now has far more significance to me. IMG_5996A few photos of the gardens. Edinburgh castle is on the hill and Scottish National gallery in the forefront.IMG_5914 IMG_5929IMG_5922IMG_5982 The North bridge.IMG_6017Sphinx roof decoration, Royal Scottish Academy. IMG_6003 From left to right:
National monument of Scotland, Calton Hill.
Nelson Monument, Calton Hill. 
The Balmoral Hotel (clock tower).
Scott monument
Royal Scottish Academy
IMG_5998 I prefer the picture below more than the one above.
IMG_6002And that folks concludes our tour, please don’t forget to tip your guide and hope to see you soon again.

Photographs by Jacques …