Sunsets in Cape Town

I spent two weeks over October and November in Cape Town, I forgot how beautiful the sunsets are.

The first sunset was taken in Paarl about 60km/40miles from Cape Town. I was chasing the sun from one side of the valley to the other to capture these images.

It started like this.
And before I knew it was in the car trying to get a better angle of the mountain range and chasing the sun. I started with the North side of the valley.
IMG_1165 IMG_1145
Then moved over to the south side where I captured the Afrikaans language monument.
Then drove up the mountain and captured Table Mountain from a distance.
My last night in Cape Town and this is the sunset I was gifted. I haven’t seen this for a few years and reminded me how much I miss Cape Town.
IMG_6071 IMG_6063 IMG_6145 IMG_6161 IMG_6153
Photographs by Jacques …