Just because it’s miserable outside doesn’t mean creativity has to be paused.

Just because it’s miserable outside doesn’t mean creativity has to be paused.

It’s winter in Scotland and it’s miserable outside. If it’s not raining and windy then it’s snowing  (it finally arrive 2 days late for Xmas).

As I couldn’t go outside with the camera I scouted the bookshelf for some interesting nick-nacks. I found some toys, some figures, a candle coaster and a Xmas decoration on the Xmas tree.

You see if you’re in a pinch for some props you can find something interesting without going very far or looking very hard. I will be visiting my local pound store soon for some more props. I have already got some coloured match sticks to try next time.

I really need to invest in more lighting. The current set-up is leaving shadows and not working very well. It’s on my to do list.

Camera: Canon 7D
Lens: Canon 100mm Macro L F2.8

Child’s wooden train:
Aperture of F2.8 is keeping the background nicely out of focus while still giving shape and colour to the objects.
Train I
Train II
Train III
Small toy cars:

Cars I
Cars II
Cars III
Cars IV
A beetle or maybe a ladybird made out of beads and wire:
A candle’s coaster made from broken glass:
I like the colours in the coaster, I think I will go back to this prop again in the future for more detailed photos.
Glass I
Glass II
The Xmas decoration photo wasn’t going to be added but once I saw it on screen I changed my mind. It looks like the cat is reaching for the light.
Cats I
Cats II
Cats III
Cats IV
Cats V

I hope you like this week’s addition. You see just because it’s raining, windy or snowing doesn’t mean we can’t have fun as photographers.

Photographs by Jacques …

Blast from the Past Part I

Blast from the Past – Part 1, 21 st Feb 2011

For this week’s post I decided to go through my old folders and pick out the top few photos in the 1st folder. I hope to see how I have improved with time. The images were taken on my 1st DSLR camera, a Canon 450D.

I am happy to look back on these photos as I can now see I have potential. As it’s 1 year and 10 months ago and at the beginning stages of me taking photography more seriously I can see where I have improved and where I still have work to do.

As a photographer we always try and find interesting places to photograp and sometimes forget there are very interesting places within an 30min drive.

The images below were taken at the submarine barrier at Crammond Island, Edinburgh.
My 1st ever attempt at a macro photo. It’s a borrowed lens, Canon 100mm F2.8 Macro L IS.

Not sure if this is a pipe that’s in use or just a old piece of debris.
Next we went to Linlithgow Palace, this is the entrance of St Michael’s Parish Church which is in the same grounds as the palace. I love the way how your eyes are draw from the stairs to the door.
Still staying in Linlithgow onto the Linlithgow Canal Centre. The reason I like this photos is my eyes start at the bow of the boat and gets pulled slowly to the right. The rule of thirds in motion without me even knowing it at the time.
My last photo for this week was taken below the Aquaduct west of Linlithgow (Across the river Avon). My 1st attempt at capturing flowing water, this was done without a tripod just to make life a little more difficult. To date I can count on my one hand the times I have done this type of photograph, I think a investment in a proper filter will need to be looked into.
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Photographs by Jacques…